We Fall Apart Exhibition Opening

One of the pieces from my series of work, Mixed Emotion, is currently on exhibition as part of an exhibition called 'We Fall Apart'

What are we made of? How are we composed as people? A society? An identity?

How do we fit together and why do we fall apart? Artist Christopher Tandy curates “We Fall Apart” in response to these and other questions that grapple with the constructions and concepts of what we are. In this group show artists use multi-media expressions to define who we are as people individually and collectively.

“We Fall Apart” explores the space between existential meltdown and the frenetic action inherent of being alive. It explores the archetypical representations of love, loss, desire, and pain that have come to dominate our sense of self. It questions the pathology ascribed to biological and sociological boundaries.

June 23rd to July 4th 2015 // Con Artist Gallery // 119 Ludlow Street, New York

Here are a few photos from the opening reception: