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New LinkedIn recommendation from the Brooke

This is a new recommendation I received from The Brooke  on LinkedIn for some recent work I did in Nepal:  

I got a chance to work with Anna for a week during Nepal photography assignment. I must admit she is a through professional with a high degree of commitment. I remember she would carry a big bag of equipment to all the locations so that she doesn’t miss any action. Even when she was unwell during the draining trip she gave her 100 % effort. I really enjoyed working with Anna and got few handy tips on nuances of good photography. I wish her great success for her future endeavours.

The Brooke, September 13, 2012.


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LinkedIn Recommendation from Barefoot Initiative

Today I received a recommendation on LinkedIn from Barefoot Initiative for the work I did in Ethiopia. Here is what they had to say:  

Anna has worked with us in the field in rural Ethiopia where our projects are based. Her photographic skills are exceptional, but more importantly the manner in which she conducts her work is highly commendable. She is sensitive to the environment in which she works, and culturally aware to her subjects. Anna steps out far beyond her role as a photographer, and as a team member she helps where ever she is able, and shares creative and innovative ideas. She is a clear communicator and an absolute joy to work with.

Barefoot Initiative, June 24, 2012.


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Barefoot in Ethiopia exhibition at the Hill Smith Gallery

I will be having an exhibition ‘Barefoot in Ethiopia’ at the Hill Smith Gallery in Adelaide, Australia from March 14 – 25. The exhibition will be a fundraiser for Barefoot Initiative, with all proceeds from sales going directly to them. I have donated my time and expenses, and the Hill Smith Gallery have been very generous as the primary sponsor of the event. Check out the Hill Smith Gallery Website for a preview of the works and more information.

Next stop Ethiopia (Again!)

I should be in Ethiopia right now but my flight got cancelled due to snow closing down Heathrow airport. It has been a somewhat frustrating few days, as the airline offices are closed, as are their phone lines, which makes it difficult to re-book a new flight! I have been travelling to the airport every day with my luggage in the attempt to get onto a stand-by list if a flight is going. So far, planes are still grounded, which is causing chaos. Fingers crossed I will be able to get a flight soon…

Next stop Ethiopia!

I have been invited to work in Ethiopia with a non-profit organization from Australia called Barefoot Initiative. Tickets are booked for December and I am looking forward to the trip! Barefoot initiative is a Non Government Organisation (NGO) that is a group of three young Australians who have been working in the Afar region (hottest inhabited region on Earth) of Ethiopia since 2004. We will stay in a remote community, living in a mud hut for a month, with no electricity or phone reception. This means I will be out of contact with no access to a computer or telephone from December 18th to January 18th. For more info on the project, check out their website: